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Time Management Workshop

A 1- day workshop

This course is designed for individuals who need to ensure they are maximising the use of their time to ensure they get the most from their day. The workshop aims to improve a participant's ability to organise themself and work.


  • To improve your ability to organise self and work
  • To analyse and identify how time can be used more effectively
  • To understand the importance of personal time organisation
  • To practise effective time management
  • To agree priority tasks
  • To learn how to set goals and prioritise activities to ensure they are goal-focussed.
  • To understand what ‘steals’ our time
  • To have an action plan in SMARTER format to apply the learning at work


At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Have undergone an exercise in analysing how time is spent
  • Have a plan to record how time is spent
  • Be able to explain the importance of business imperatives
  • List the issues that waste time
  • Descript their plan for dealing with 'time-wasters'
  • Explain the difference between urgent and important as factors in prioritising tasks
  • Explain the TRAFFIC model for managing paperwork
  • Explain the importance and timing of 'To-Do' lists
  • Undergone an exercise using the time management model - Paper-Time-People
  • Explain how to declutter their desks
  • Explain how to make meetings time effective

Benefits to you

This course helps you eliminate time wasting activities and focus on important business issues.

Benefits to your business

Managers and staff will acquire better organisation techniques that will help to focus time on key areas.