Leadership training

Leadership training is about the individual and their development.

That development might be improving personal skills to make individuals better at their current role, or expanding their leadership skills to improve their current performance and their skills in a leadership role in the future.

Our in-company training workshop is designed to assess and develop leadership and business management skills. The workshop is an intense three and a half days of exercises, observation and feedback. It reviews and evaluates performance against a number of business competencies – these can be your own company competences, or generic competencies developed by us.

Participants are set experiential tasks involving a number of disciplines. The tasks are observed by an observation team comprising trainers and coaches. The coaches can be provided by us or your company and there are a number of benefits to providing in-company coaches including:

  • Participants get role-specific and company-specific feedback
  • Participants receive advice on their leadership development from experienced managers in their own company
  • The coaches themselves gain insight and knowledge from the workshop

The participants’ role on the workshop is to focus on objectives, learn about leadership, take the opportunity to take risks, be themselves, try new things, give and receive feedback and ask questions.  The whole workshop is geared to give participants the best opportunity for them to personally develop. The selection and pre-work process, the exercises, the trainer-led sessions and the feedback will be tailored so that each individual gets the maximum benefit that they can from the workshop.

Workshop Objectives

  • To learn the principles of effective leadership
  • To develop the principles of effective leadership in a series of competency-based exercises
  • To apply a variety of leadership tools and techniques in a range of different circumstances
  • To lead projects in a safe environment and get feedback from experienced coaches
  • To create a personal action plan during the workshop using training/feedback, to ensure continued competency development.

    What participants will experience

  • Learning and developing the principles of effective and dynamic leadership

  • Applying a variety of leadership tools and techniques in a range of different circumstances

  • Leading projects in a safe environment

  • Getting feedback from experienced coaches
  • Creating a personal action plan to ensure continued competency development

Who should attend?

  • Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Individuals who want to maximize their positive impact on others

Training methods

  • Trainer-led sessions
  • Trainer-led tutorials
  • Training exercises
  • Reviews
  • Action planning

If you are not sure what your training needs are please get in touch. Our trainers have worked across many organisations in both sales and training roles and will help you develop the training that delivers the results you are looking for.

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