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How to write a winning CV

A half day workshop which can be run independently or with Interview Skills Workshop as a whole day.

Your CV is the first point of contact with an employer and is the make or break of your job application. It needs to be interesting to read, clear and concise.  It should make a good first impression.

From the employer’s perspective, it’s the only available information with which to assess your skills and suitability for a job. Everything in it tells a potential new employer something about you. Its purpose is to secure you a job interview.  It won't get you the job itself  - that is down to you during your interview.

Our workshop covers the standard CV information requirements and to achieve stand out - an identity you want an employer to see.


Why bother with a CV?
Trainer led Discussion
What is a CV?
You are the product
Your marketing tool – me.plc

Creating a winning CV

The 5 stages of CV writing
Understanding business terminology
Do’s and don’ts

Compiling your Personal Profile

Analysing your information
Attracting a positive response

Critical Tips

What do I want to convey?
Core competences
Major achievements
Include tangible results


Participants write an introductory Personal Profile paragraph for a CV provided by trainer. A trainer led group discussion follows to compare and contrast individual’s results.


At the end of the workshop participants will re-write their own Personal Profile paragraph. The objective is to understand the importance of creating that all important first impression.


Participants explain their key learning and how they will apply it.