About us

MRT Group is an independent consulting, development and training company, offering a wide range of training, development, coaching and facilitation. The company was founded in 1993 by Martin Rafferty, a consultant, coach and trainer with a wide range of experience in sales and sales management. 17 years on, Martin continues to be at the forefront of any training his company delivers and is proud of the continuity of service his team offer. Client relationships are formed from first contact with us, continuing through to delivery and importantly follow-up. When Martin, or any other trainer is involved in brief taking, they are very much involved in delivering – whether it is training, coaching or a facilitation need.

The MRT Group works extensively in the UK, EAME and APAC providing advice and support in such diverse industries as airlines, sea transport, advertising, recruitment, engineering, financial services, pharmaceuticals and food flavours.  Training is also delivered in Russia, South Africa, Hong Kong and The Caribbean.

We work across a range of industries in Europe and Asia Pacific and extensively with major organisations ranging from small computer companies to multinational organisations. We’ve conducted training and development work for a wide variety of participants both in the UK and overseas, from junior personnel to senior board members.