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Interview Skills

Given the current economic climate, it essential when a job opportunity arises, you present yourself in the best possible way.  Being successful in an interview is as much to do with your attitude as what you say. Essentially, your role is to convince the interviewer you are the best person for the job.

Learn how to prepare for your interview, overcome nerves, speak with conviction, ask pertinent questions and sell yourself with confidence.  Many companies use 'competency based questions' for example 'describe a situation where you had to ...' or 'Give me an example of when you ...'. We focus on how to answer these common interview questions (and others), succintly and successfully.

This one-day workshop is fun, interactive and combines theory with hands on practice of interview scenarious.  


What is an interview?
What makes a good interview?
Preparation before the interview
Key models

Define your product

Participants exercise to define ‘www.me.plc.com’
Your brand


Role play example
Trainer example of a poor interview
How to mess up an interview
First impressions
Self image
4 ‘A’ formula
NVC tips and techniques
Self confidence and self esteem

After the interview

Follow up


Participants explain their key learning and how they will apply it by writing an action plan.