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Presentation Skills workshop

A 2-day workshop.

Ever been in a position where you have been given a couple of days to prepare and deliver a presentation and even though presentations are part of your day job, the thought still fills you with dread?

Although the format of presentations can vary enormously - from 1-1 to large audiences, the principles of preparation are the same.  You need to decide what messages you want to leave with your audience and to do this your presentation needs a format, content and structure.


  • To develop effective presentation planning, practice and delivery techniques
  • To develop existing natural presentation techniques
  • To practice delivering a presentation and receive feedback
  • To develop a SMART action plan to apply the learning in the workplace


At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Develop a more confident and persuasive vocal style
  • Understand how effective body language can build rapport and maintain audience motivation
  • Plan self, audience, environment and material for maximum impact
  • Plan how to use resources, content and sequencing of visuals
  • Learn how to use effective interactive techniques to control your audience
  • Recognise non verbal communication by analysing and reviewing bespoke MRT training presentation film clips

Additionally, participants will take part in a 2 minute roleplay and deliver a 15 minute presentation which will be reviewed by the trainer and workshop participants.

Benefits to you

Focuses on refining your presentation delivery skills.

Develop confidence as you become more practiced at delivering presentations.

Benefits to your company

Provides individuals with skills that will help drive both their own and their businesses development.