Coaching is fast becoming the preferred and most effective management and staff development tool. Research from The International Personnel Management Association (IPMA), underpins the benefits coaching provides. Their research suggests that ‘ordinary training' typically increases productivity by 22%, while training combined with coaching increases productivity by 88%”.

Coaching is an integral aspect of a manager's role and applied effectively, has been shown to result in significant increases in the application of learning - leading to improved performance and motivation.

We define coaching as 'helping others to set their goals and learn' or put simply, asking questions they should be asking themselves.

We ask you questions to consider and dermine your own needs and find your own way forward,  with further probing from us to keep you on track.  Our coaching sessions can be:

  • Specific or general coaching
  • Individually based
  • Face to face or telephone-based
  • 360 degree feedback foundation
  • Triangulated approach
  • Participative leadership groups
  • ‘GROW’ orientated