Management training

Looking to improve the effectiveness of your new or existing managers?

Our in-company High Performance Sales Management modules (HPSM) supports our High Performance Sales Training (HSPT) programme workshops. The modules have been designed for Managers whose teams are attending the HPST workshops.

The four modules focus on two areas:

1. Training management on the specific content of the four HPST workshops. This means they will have a good understanding of the principles, skills, techniques and behaviours being taught to their staff.

2. Developing their own skills as Sales Managers.

Module content:

Module 1 – Managing Sales People using HPST principles
Module 2 – Leading Sales People
Module 3 – Communication, Teamwork and Role Modelling
Module 4 – The Sales Manager as Coach

The programme objective is two fold – it ensures Managers are fully aware of the training content and skills their staff are being trained on and hones their own Management skills by focusing and improving on their own management behaviours.

Who should attend?

  • Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Individuals who want to maximize their positive impact on others

Training Methods

  • Trainer-led sessions
  • Trainer-led tutorials
  • Training exercises
  • Reviews
  • Action planning