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Personal Development

A 3.5 day workshop.

The Individual Development Programme is designed to enhance performance by developing personal and business skills. The Programme reviews and evaluates participants against a number of business competencies – these can be your own company values, or generic competencies developed by us.

The Programme is designed to take participants outside of their normal boundaries, challenging them to use and develop their skills. They will have the opportunity to develop and practise skills and also to review the activities as a group.

Integral to the Programme is self analysis – participants determining where they see their strengths, how they see themselves performing in areas such as planning, organising, influencing and teamwork, and how they rate themselves against these competencies.

Participants are set experiential tasks involving a number of disciplines. The tasks are observed by an observation team comprising trainers and coaches. The coaches can be provided by us or your company and there are a number of benefits to providing in-company coaches including:

  • Participants get role-specific and company-specific feedback
  • Participants receive advice on their leadership development from experienced managers in their own company

  • The coaches themselves gain insight and knowledge from the Programme Participants learn about themselves and their impact on others.

The role of the participant is to focus on their own Programme objectives, learn how to be more effective, take the opportunity to take risks, try new things and to give and receive feedback.


  • To analyse personal impact and effectiveness

  • To learn how to improve personal performance
  • To understand the principles of effective planning
  • To understand the importance of teamwork and the
  • development of teams
  • To understand the key behaviours of highly effective people and the application of those behaviours in their workplace
  • To have undergone a series of exercises in order to benchmark competences
  • To develop a practical and SMART action plan during the workshop.