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Take a look at what some of our clients are saying about our training.


I have worked with MRT Group now for more than 15 years. This is a very professional organisation with an immense capacity for understanding and supporting their customers.

I was really impressed by the diligence of MRT Group in building a detailed knowledge of my organisation before developing programmes to support us.

By doing this MRT Group was able to tailor their training and coaching specifically to our needs; which meant a quicker and more effective step-change.

As trainers, MRT Group have a wealth of business experience and knowledge. They have all worked in Sales and can relate concepts in simple, relevant and practical terms. MRT Group training sessions are informative, challenging and above all fun.

This company has helped us greatly and still is helping us, to effect significant change. They do it professionally, practically and they do it very, very well.

Divisional Director

Omega Resource Solutions

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Thanks for our coaching session on Friday. You have an amazing way of making me think for myself rather than giving the answers I'm looking for.. I really do appreciate your approach and value my coaching time with you.

Symrise Inc

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I would like to start by thanking you for your time and hard work that went into the Inspire course in the Peak District. From when I walked through the door to when I left, in that very short space of 3 days I felt and noticed a massive change in myself. From my attitude toward others to certain beliefs and understandings of people.

The 3 days was a great investment of my time learning and working together with a new group of successful individuals. The course was like no other I have been on, not just the getting up early but the overall content, making me think at every stage of the course, pushing my comfort zone wider. I have taken away a lot of valuable learning’s from this and now it’s up to me to put all these tools to good use in my future.


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Abbott has been working with the MRT Group for approximately seven years and I have personally for 18 months. 

MRT organise and facilate a personal and leadership development workshop each year.  Throughout these workshops MRT Group have helped to develop members of our sales force to significantly improve self awareness and leadership skills through two four-day workshops, these include training room sessions and outdoor activities in Wales.

MRT integrate our own competency development framework into the workshops that they run, this ensures the course complements our internal vision and strategy.  They have actively ensured that they truly understand our core values and integrated them into every part of the training.

The MRT trainers are strong with regards to identifying behaviours and delivering constructive, robust feedback to the delegates.  This helps to raise self awareness and challenges delegates to integrate the learning from the classroom sessions.

As a result of these workshops, the delegates walk away with a clear vision and an understanding of their strengths and areas they would like to develop, both personally and professionally.  We have seen past delegates progress to senior management succession programmes and had significant career changes as a result of the workshops.

When we asked delegates what they liked about the course, they said:

'The course I have gained the most from in my career as a Rep'

'Hard work, but thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt an awful lot'

'It has been the best training course I have ever attended'

'I liked learning about giving and receiving feedback - and the insight into myself that I gained from this'

'The high levels of feedback were very helpful and put to use in my action plans'

'I felt that the course allowed me to clearly focus on my individual objectives at all times, i.e. not just be a member of 12 delegates'

'It was an intense course, which means that I'll have to keep working at what I've learnt over the next few weeks and months to get the best out of it, and I've never come away from a course wanting more work!'

'Course content progression was excellent.  Each session linked into the previous, and key learning in the previous session was essential for the next session.  Kept my interest throughout'.

I feel that the MRT Group work very closely with me to deliver the course that suits our needs.  They are flexible when reviewing the material delivered and we have worked together to constantly improve the programme each year.  They always deliver on what they promise.

Training Manager


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I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the past few days on the Inspire course. For me it has been the course that has given me the most feedback about myself, pushed me to see what I am capable of, and given me the best of insight into how I can change and adapt myself to become the leader that I want to be, whether this is in my current role, or whether this is a tool for the future, all of it will help.


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I felt that the MRT team were exceptional. The support throughout the session and during the breakouts was great, and their adaptability to what came up and how they assessed need and dedicated time to the most important and relevant issues was excellent. The exercises were enjoyable and also highlighted some really good learnings about project development. Thanks, it was very worthwhile.

Work Communications

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... and finally, I would like to thank you all for a wonderful course, I hope in the future others will benefit from it as much as I have.


I must add  that Roche Inspire is undoubtedly one of the best leadership courses I have ever done.

It certainly has helped me to develop and I make no secret about this.

Continue with your good work inspiring others.



Please convey my thanks to Raff and Steve - I thought the training session was excellently presented, thought provoking, inspiring and an extremely useful management tool. I think the appraisal segment could be adapted excellently for associates as well and could provide real value to Lockton as a whole.


The learnings from the Sales Programme are a great help to us to overcome any difficulties we may face during the critical period. We are using the learning from the training during our daily work, the points you raised are good for me and the team thinking and I am acting to improve my working habits. It makes us all upgrade our understanding and we benefit by using High Performance Sales.

Symrise Asia & South Pacific

Many thanks. Over the course of my career I have been on a number of appraisal training courses and this morning's session was the most practical, relevant and useful training I have ever been given.



Personally from the day, the biggest thing I gained was improving my perception of myself. Thanks for the workshop, the structure and content was spot on. The course was very well structured ... strong practical messages and good balance of humour throughout … I found I took more on board as a result of the training style.


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As always MRT delivered us a valuable programme aimed at enhancing the Leadership & Achievement Orientation skills of our people. MRT not only spent the time developing and delivering the programme, but also spent time with us getting to know our business culture and objectives so that our participants could gain maximum benefit applicable to the roles they perform. In addition and unlike many other organisations, MRT offered a comprehensive follow-up service aimed at supporting participants after the workshops, with actions being tailored to the needs of the individual.


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I felt the course went brilliantly and was extremely worthwhile. Nice blend of activity and classroom work. Very strong learning messages throughout and all done firmly, yet informally. The thing that really came through was the level of commitment and enthusiasm from all staff and the level of teamwork by the end of Day 2 was pretty impressive. Great to take people out of their comfort zones at times as well ... and away from mobile phone reception, the office and the constraints of workload. All in all, a huge success and I feel I and the others really benefited.

Colliers CRE

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I wanted to thank you for the 2 days you gave us the other week. I revisited your slides as you suggested, 72 hours afterwards and was surprised at the relevance and how thought provoking they were. I was in a meeting yesterday that made me think of you, the situation was crying out "know your customer". I have thought about the course on a number of occasions and I have found your words ringing in my head. I am consciously changing my behavior, so thank you!


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There were many traits, both good and bad, that I identified with, and so my biggest challenge will be executing on a daily basis. Your courses are always good and I love meeting new people.

Hampshire County Council

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Thanks again for running the feedback session. I thought it was excellent and I have already seen the behaviour helping us in the office. I thought the way you delivered the sessions was very powerful but straight forward. Spending the time using observations of what people did during the exercises - without even drawing conclusions - gave a very clear outline of how people should articulate feedback.



We have worked closely with the MRT Group, a training and coaching organisation, over a number of years. They’ve helped us train and develop our people, running various sales skills and interpersonal training workshops and executive coaching sessions. One of their key strengths is getting under the skin of their clients in order to tailor and deliver really relevant training. We highly recommend them.