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Sales negotiation

A two-day workshop.

Designed to provide an overview of negotiation, including the psychology of negotiation and identifying the principle behaviours of a good negotiator. Focuses on developing high performance using practical and proven methods.

Course content includes the following areas:

  • Review of Workshop 2
  • Introduction to negotiation
  • Preparation
  • Solution Building
  • The Negotiation Range
  • Negotiation Exercise
  • 4 Phases of negotiation
  • Face to Face negotiation
  • Negotiation Tips and Techniques
  • Role plays
  • Action Planning


Workshop Objectives

  • To understand the principles of negotiation
  • To develop effective negotiation preparation and planning
  • To be able to explain the negotiation range and the importance of a ‘BATNA’
  • To understand the negotiation phases and the 4 parts of face-to-face negotiations
  • To understand the Negotiation Rule
  • To be able to list 5 important negotiation techniques
  • To have undergone a negotiation role play and had it reviewed in detail
  • To have an action plan to apply the learning in the workplace


The Benefits

The negotiations workshop will be based on actual negotiations participants have with their customers. Practice negotiations and role plays will involve real customer data and behaviours.

At the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Be able to explain the importance and value of good planning
  • Be able to describe their own level of authority to negotiate
  • Be able to outline the power of knowledge in negotiations
  • Be able to describe the ‘negotiation’ range and give examples relating to their own customers
  • Be able to explain from memory the term BATNA and its significance in customer negotiations
  • Be able to describe the four parts of face-to-face negotiations
  • Be able to describe the customers likely attempts to alter price
  • Be able to explain methods of countering attempts at price reduction
  • Be able to explain the ‘must dos’ and the ‘must not dos’ of negotiation
  • Have undergone a series of customer-specific role plays
  • Be able to list the negotiation ‘Rules’
  • Have a detailed action plan to apply the workshop learning


Who should attend?

  • Sales Managers at all levels who want to improve their interpersonal skills
  • Sales Managers who want to motivate and build teams in the workforce.
  • Sales Managers aiming to increase their sales team productivity
  • Sales Representatives
  • Anyone in a client facing role