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Getting the business

A two-day workshop. 

The workshop provides an opportunity to develop your team’s natural selling potential and is designed to develop high performance using practical and proven methods.

Course content includes the following areas:

  • Review of Workshop 1
  • Sales Meeting Management Tool (PROSPER)
  • Persuasion Techniques
  • Getting the Business
  • Objections Handling
  • Closing
  • After Sales
  • Action Planning


Workshop Objectives

  • To review and practise persuasion techniques
  • To be able to explain from memory the QUARTPOT model
  • To understand the principles of effective closing
  • To revise the approach to meeting endings and actions
  • To develop effective expectation management
  • To have an action plan to apply the learning in the workplace


The Benefits

At the end of the workshop participants will:

  • Have developed sales techniques for use with their customers and be able to recall from memory the balance between emotion and logic in decision-making

  • Have carried out a features/benefits exercise
  • Have developed a databank of benefit statements on their company’s winning products
  • Be able to explain the use of a Statement of Intent as a sales technique and a closing technique
  • Be able to outline the use of the techniques - Cluster of Three and Compare and Contrast
  • Have practised using a sales presentation process
  • Be able to describe the use of the agreement staircase in closing
  • Be able to recall from memory the four key points in the psychology of objections handling
  • Have practised using the QUARTPOT objections handling system
  • Have practised overcoming specific customer objections
  • Be able to describe common buying signals
  • Be able to list positive closing behaviours
  • Be able to outline the Closing Rules
  • Be able to list the procedure for debriefing and reviewing sales meetings effectively in order to optimise customer opportunities

  • Be able to explain the expectation/performance model
  • Have a detailed action plan to apply their learning


Who should attend?

  • Sales Managers at all levels who want to improve their interpersonal skills
  • Sales Managers who want to motivate and build teams in the workforce.
  • Sales Managers aiming to increase their sales team productivity
  • Sales Representatives
  • Anyone in a client facing role