High Performance Management Training

Participants who attend the 4 Module HPSM Programme will be introduced to the following areas:


  • Establishing the principles of leadership
  • Understanding the role of the leader
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Developing the principle of ‘Taking Responsibility’

The principles of Sales Management

  • Performance management in sales
  • Communication
  • Role modelling
  • How to manage good and bad performance
  • Discipline
  • Delegation
  • Motivation

Sales Manager as coach

  • Setting objectives
  • Coaching models
  • Coaching techniques

How to manage HPST with your sales teams

  • Objectives and outputs
  • Content and Models
  • Manager’s role
  • How to support HPST
  • How to prepare and follow-up HPST


Additionally management involvement includes underpinning HPST at every opportunity through:

  • Overt use of HPST models, principles, skills, and techniques
  • Coaching individuals
  • Ensuring action plans are being carried out, reviewed and updated.