Training Consultancy

With regards to specific training consultancy needs, we work with your training team, providing support for:


  • Internal trainers
  • Your internal training plan and delivery
  • Analysis of current training programmes, content and effectiveness


Training Needs Analysis (TNA)


If you are unsure what your company training needs are, we can provide training needs analysis.  This is an effective way of identifying any gap between the skills your business need and those your employees have.


We use a number of ways to gather information – via employee surveys, management feedback, accompanied visits and our own observations.  The TNA will consider the skills, knowledge and behaviours that your staff need and how to develop them effectively.


Assessments range from the simple process of asking an employee what they would like to be able to do better, to working up a detailed employee training plan.


Generally our TNA process involves:


  • analysing your business goals
  • evaluating your existing training approach
  • establishing who needs to be trained
  • Determining preferred learning/training methods
  • Ensuring your objectives reflect those of the business and all training activities supports these objectives.


To carry out our TNA we would need to consult and involve employees at all levels in order to assess the skills gaps. 


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