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What is experiential training?

Experiential Training - or 'learning by doing'. In a nutshell, experiential training is enabling a participant to learn from their group involvement in a training activity. It is concerned with a participant’s experience, not the actual activity itself.

Providing participants with an opportunity to solve problems in an environment unknown to them (and therefore unexperienced in), they are immediately faced with the chance to learn from their experience – not from something a trainer has told them. For example, where participants are asked to build a domino tower, their work experiences are of limited use and therefore the focus moves to the processes and people skills required to achieve the task.

During the powerful and meaningful review process, the trainer will involve all and skillfully link the feelings and emotions felt during the exercise to life at work. Participants are taught a simple but highly effective review process which can be used in their workplace.

We use experiential training to bring our core training messages to life in the following areas:


Effective Teamwork


Resource Management

Problem Solving

Sales training

CLASP training

Whole team tailored programmes

We use outdoor training as a fun, effective training medium.

Published on: 27th Oct 2011

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