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Some great feedback from Premier Products

I have worked with the MRT Group for three years. They have provided personal branding training for my executive team and co-facilitated two annual sales conferences involving concept, preparation, presentation and review.

MRT have concentrated on commercialism with my sales team, focusing on effective time management, the benefits of effective communication, what constitutes a profitable sale, presentation skills and the benefits of regular business review.

MRT have delivered what can only be described as a total training and development package. They have assisted in identifying the needs of our business through partnering days and conference participation, then delivered the training but just as importantly have action planned and review post training activities. I would consider that medium term relationship enjoyed with MRT has ensured that their team can most easily identify the specific ongoing needs of our business.

I particularly value their approach with regards to their use of experiential training. In my experience direct field sales have a low attention span to purely class room based training and require the stimulus and dynamics delivered from changing surroundings, activity types and dress codes. This changing environment is a very positive catalyst to sound learning through fun.

I would not hesitate to recommend MRT as a training/consulting partner for any customer facing sales organisation. Their course library delivers variety to avoid staleness and facilitate a long term working partnership. The training style adapted by all trainers is comfortable, intelligent, humorous, adaptable and subject knowledgeable and their combined approach is value adding, motivational and thought provoking.

KD, Premiere Products

Published on: 26th Feb 2010

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