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Experiential training in the Peak District

Now this is what I call a perfect training venue. I know the brief was ‘somewhere remote’ but wow, did we hit the spot this time.



As you know we love to use the outdoors for experiential learning – we find there’s no better way to drive home our training messages than by getting participants involved in an ‘experience’ to problem solve. A week or so ago we found ourselves delivering a three day Individual Development workshop in the Peak District. Long days, plenty of indoor and outdoor training exercises, all topped off with participants receiving one-to-one feedback on their performance from both facilitators and participants. And the food was superb.

These pictures show us out on an inspection visit and planning an exercise. And if you are wondering - yes … we did use this area, together with a pond, disused quarry and escarpment for Operation Remote Control. A group exercise involving the briefing, management, and control of three sub teams’ carrying out tasks at some distance and out of communication with the Management Team. A challenging exercise - probably more mentally than physically, but the participants all agreed it was a great learning opportunity.

Published on: 8th Jun 2011

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