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What happens during a coaching session?

We generally like to allocate a couple of hours per session to really understand your objectives. Prior to our first meeting we will ask you to think about what you would like to have happen as a result of the coaching, i.e. what’s the point of spending time and money with a coach - and to begin with, your answer will be the focus of our attention.

We’ll meet you (probably away from your office environment) to establish what you want to achieve, where you are now and how long it will take to close the gap - and how. The amount of time needed on coaching differs according to your needs. Occasionally, just one session is needed to clarify goals and remove the often self-inflicted barriers. For others, around four to six (2-hour sessions) delivered over 12 months is a good solution.

In between sessions, we will be in regular touch by phone and email to monitor your progress, challenge your thoughts and often give you tasks to help further your understanding of your own thinking and behaviour patterns.