Martin Rafferty

Martin Rafferty (Raff) is Managing Partner of MRT Group, an independent training and consulting practice based in Gloucestershire. Raff founded the company in 1993 after spending many years working in the financial services industry. Raff’s vision for the company was to delivery highly focused, bespoke training in a number of industries.

Raff is a consultant, coach and trainer. He works with global clients at every level offering a wide range of experience in all aspects of selling, sales management, interpersonal skills, training skills, presentation skills and effective team work. He also helps organisations in developing effective change management and provides executive coaching.

Raff has a relaxed style, encourages total participation and is comfortable confronting issues and challenging closed thinking. He stimulates learning, by use of anecdote, exercises and humour.

Raff was educated in London and initially worked in the City as an underwriter, he has subsequently worked as a salesman, manager, and trainer for a number of blue chip organisations. He has been involved in training for over 20 years and is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and Fellow of the CII.

Raff is married with three children and lives in a Victorian farmhouse in Gloucestershire. His hobbies include rugby, tennis, the history of London, boxing with people much smaller than himself and truly abysmal DIY.