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Experiential Training

We include experiential training or ‘learning by doing’ in many of our workshops as we know it is an effective medium for learning.

In a nutshell, experiential training is enabling a participant to learn from their group involvement in a training activity. It is concerned with a participant’s experience, not the actual activity itself.

Participants are removed from their normal working environment and the type of task they normally carry out. This helps to increase their focus on the methods of achieving, rather than simply the completion of the task. For example, where participants are asked to build a domino tower, their work experiences are of limited use and therefore the focus moves to the processes and people skills required to achieve the task.

Experiential training involves a combination of indoor and outdoor exercises.

For MRT Group, a fundamental principle of using the outdoors to train is the well-being of the participants. Training is not conducted on bare hillsides with 85kph winds. Neither are participants required to ‘yomp’ 50k or abseil down sheer cliffs. The outdoors is used simply as an environment to add interest and complexity to tasks. It is not used to expose delegates to danger, cold or hunger. As a result, most MRT outdoor training is within 50 metres of the participants’ training accommodation.

MRT outdoor courses involve a mixture of tasks and elements. The training is very participative and active, involving both indoor and outdoor tasks. Participants are presented with cerebral and manual tasks, with only limited physical effort required. In addition, due consideration is given to participants’ personal requirements and no one is ever required to do anything that they do not wish to do.

During the powerful and meaningful review process, the trainer will involve all and skillfully link the feelings and emotions felt during the exercise to life at work. Participants are taught a simple but highly effective review process which can be used in their workplace.

Experiential training is used to bring our core training messages to life in the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Effective Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Resource Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Sales training
  • CLASP training
  • Whole team tailored programmes

MRT Group sets out to make exercises challenging, interesting and fun, because this has proved to be a powerful way for people to learn.