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Training in Paris

We were lucky enough to train in Paris last week.  The aim of the workshop was to develop skills and techniques in increasing prices.  Participants wanted to learn how they could embrace the concept of price increase negotiations and feel more confident when conducting these types of events. As trainers, we concentrated on how participants could overcome barriers that are often faced during these types of negotiations.  We also covered the psychology of negotiations, closing a negotiation, non verbal communication, personal style and its impact on negotiations and finally all participants performed and were filmed taking part in a realistic roleplay involving 'buyers'.

Great feedback from all involved.  Participants reported they felt much more confident and were eager to employ their revised skills during upcoming negotiation meetings.

Well done to all and good luck with your meetings.Remember - the ability to negotiate in a powerful and confident manner will have a direct improvement on operating profits. 

PIN training in Paris

Published on: 3rd Feb 2011

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