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Some great feedback from Abbott

I feel that the MRT Group work very closely with me to deliver the course that suits our needs. They are flexible when reviewing the material delivered and we have worked together to constantly improve the programme each year. They always deliver on what they promise and we will be working with MRT again in 2011.

The MRT trainers are strong with regards to identifying behaviours and delivering constructive, robust feedback to the delegates. This helps to raise self awareness and challenges delegates to integrate the learning from the classroom sessions.

As a result of these workshops the delegates walk away with a clear vision and an understanding of their strengths and areas they would like to develop, both personally and professionally. We have seen past delegate’s progress to management succession programmes and had career changes as a result of the workshops.’

‘The course I have gained the most from in my career as a Rep.’

‘Hard work, but thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt an awful lot.’

‘It has been the best training course I have ever attended.’

‘I liked learning about giving and receiving feedback –and the insight into myself that I gained from this.’

‘The high levels of feedback were very helpful and put to use in my action plans.’

‘I felt that the course allowed me to clearly focus on my individual objectives at all times, i.e. not just a member of 12 delegates.’

‘It was an intense course, which means that I’ll have to keep working at what I’ve learnt over the next few weeks and months to get the best out of it, and I’ve never come away from a course wanting more work!’

‘Course content progression was excellent. Each session linked into the previous, and key learning in the previous session was essential for the next session. Kept my interest throughout.’

Published on: 1st Aug 2010

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