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ISMM Endorsed Programme of Training

Our High Performance Sales Training (HPST) Programme is endorsed by the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM).  The ISMM is a UK government approved awarding organisation offering regulated Sales and Marketing qualifications.  ISMM endorsement is the 'badge of recognition' for high quality sales training programmes, offering evidence and reassurance to our clients that we adhere to professional standards.  We frequently receive feedback from our clients that our sales training programme is well designed and delivered to consistent standards, but it is rewarding to have this recognised externally.

Application for ISMM endorsement includes the need to provide information about the experience and qualifications of trainers as well as the programme itself - its aims, objectives and content and how learning outcomes get measured.  In this way a thorough appraisal is undergone by ISMM.

Highlights of the MRT Group ISMM Endorsement Feedback Reports states:

'Overall a very comprehensive, well planned and well put together sales training programme.  The content is of a very high quality and clearly meets the stated objectives.

MRT ensures their training programme aligns directly with the clients' criteria.  This enables the delegates to apply what they learn directly to their day-to-day roles, facilitating immediate utility of their efforts and capabilities effectively to ensure success for the organisation.

MRT is to be commended for the interactive and engaging delivery methodologies.

The use of a range of learning methods, questions, exercises and roleplays and examples with simulated exercises meets the needs of different types of learners ensuring a very engaging experience for all the delegates.  The exercises and roleplays are well planned, gathering together the concepts into a practical experience.

Feedback and reviews by the trainer and line managers also ensures maximum learning for individuals.'

On successful completion of our sales programme, participants will each receive a certificate, which can be tailored by inclusion of a company logo, if required.





Published on: 2nd Apr 2015

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