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What is experiential training?

Experiential Training - or 'learning by doing'. In a nutshell, experiential training i...

Published on: 27th Oct 2011

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Experiential training in the Peak District

Now this is what I call a perfect training venue. I know the brief was ‘somewhere remote...

Published on: 8th Jun 2011

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Training in Paris

We were lucky enough to train in Paris last week.  The aim of the workshop was to dev...

Published on: 3rd Feb 2011

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Student Representative Team Day

We had the chance to train around 50 undergraduates the other day. They were students wh...

Published on: 10th Nov 2010

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Do you have a Succinct Elevator Pitch?

Imagine the scene – you walk into a lift and there facing you is that person you’v...

Published on: 4th Nov 2010

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